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Whilst every effort is made pre/during installation to ensure the resin surface is of the highest quality, it will stay looking sharp and last longer if a few simple maintenance steps are adhered to.

Resin bound surfaces are designed to be used by normal pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Protection should be provided wherever possible against abnormal damage. Heavy goods vehicles should not park or turn unless it has been allowed for in the design.

Heavy objects, for example skips should not be dragged across the surface. It is recommended that protection should be provided during construction work to avoid any contamination from oil, grease or dirt. Spilling of solvents should be avoided this could potentially soften and damage the resin binder.

The resin bound surface should be regularly swept clean with a stiff broom, removing leaves and detritus materials in order to prevent moss growth, and hosed down with clean water. WASHING: The surface can be cleaned periodically using a pressure washer (up to 150 bar rating and 200mm from the surface) or a sweeper fitted with water jetting and vacuuming.

Although resin bound surfacing is resistant to weeds, occasionally weeds can appear on the surface due to bird carried or wind blown seeds. If this happens weeds can be removed by hand or cut at surface level. If deep rooted It is advisable to kill off with appropriate weed killer.

These can be removed with careful use of diluted hydrochloric acid or cement remover, followed by a thorough rinsing with clean water.

Oil stains must be removed as soon as possible using a mild detergent to prevent possible staining or degrading of the surface. A good quality detergent should be applied using a stiff brush. This should be allowed to settle for 10 minutes, followed by pressure washing.

Although resin bound surfacing is more resistant to ice/frost, salt can be used to provide the extra protection. It is recommended to wash the salt off afterwards.

Resin bound surfacing is resistant to a wide range of chemicals. The full chemical resistance does however build up over time so extra care should be taken within the first 7 days to not not expose the surface to chemicals A full detailed customer care pack will be provided upon completion

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